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Welcome to our Alamogordo, NM Home for Rent-to-Own Site!     Welcome to Alamogordo (Home for lease/sale, Alamogordo, New Mexico, Rocky Mountains, New Mexico State University Alamogordo Campus (NMSU), Holloman AFB, International Space Hall of Fame, Planetarium, IMAX Theater, hospital, medical clinics    Welcome to Alamogordo, New Mexico! Beautiful White Sands National Monument, Rocky Mountains (Alamogordo, NM 4-bedroom home, house, lease, rent, sell, buy, NMSU Nursing School, Clinics, Hospital)    Welcome to Alamogordo, New Mexico! Natural Desert Beauty, Beautiful Southwestern Sunsets, Rocky Mountains (Alamogordo, New Mexico, Otero County, New Mexico State University Alamogordo Campus, NMSU Alamogordo Campus)   Alamogordo, New Mexico, Home for Rent-to-Own, Home for Sale, NMSU Alamogordo Campus, Buena Vista Elementary School, White Sands Missile Range,WSMR, NM, Holloman AFB, NM, Holloman Air Force Base, Holloman Test Track, Rocky Mountain living) ...tell your friends!

Welcome to our Alamogordo, NM home we are leasing/selling (Alamogordo, New Mexico, Otero County, New Mexico State University Alamogordo Campus (NMSU), Buena Vista Elementary School, Holloman, AFB, Rocky Mountains, International Space Hall of Fame, IMAX Theater, Planetarium, medical clinics, hospital)

2,200 SqFt, 4-Bedrooms, 1-3/4 Baths (see below for its many special features, advantages, amenities)
For Inquiries, Questions, Comments, Contact Our Realtor (below), or Email Us ==> wizguru@jjwill.com

2011 Crescent Dr., Alamogordo, NM 88310 (Otero County Home)
(SW Corner Crescent Dr. & Indian Wells Rd. near NMSUA)
- Otero County, New Mexico

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John & Laurie Williams
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P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192
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CURB APPEAL: We live in Albuquerque and go to Alamogordo once every few weeks. While we are not in Alamogordo, things like leaves and debris can blow onto the driveway or carport and area-wide fast growing weeds can sprout. Before buyers (or renters) move in, we always do a final cleanup both outside and inside (we have some items inside for our comfort when we come to Alamogordo, which we will remove in 3-4 days for immediate occupancy). So if our "curb appeal" is not now great, it will be cleaned up before you move in, so please don't let it distract you from the simple fact that our home, with its numerous advantages, features and amenities (see below), is a great home for you and your family to live in. At least view our home, then make up your mind. Else, you will be seriously missing out on this opportunity. We have a friend who can usually open up our home to you within minutes, call us 505-321-1034; she is not a Realtor, just a friend, so freely email or call us for all of your questions, comments and concerns.

HOME IS IS READY FOR IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY: We do not have anyone residing in our Alamogordo home. We do have some of our stuff there because until we sell (or rent) our Alamogordo home, we use it now and then as our vacation home - we love coming to Alamogordo and our home. These few items mainly include some bedding, clothing, kitchen utensils, household items, a few pieces of furniture. When we sell or rent our home, we can clear it out in one day's time. Most of the furniture we can leave there for you for free IF you ask us (just let us know), or we will remove.

INTO SKIING AND SLEDDING?: Some folks do not want to move from snowy areas because they love skiing and sledding more than they hate shoveling snow, skidding on ice, freezing and gray skies. Our home is right on the edge of the great Rocky Mountains - legendary for skiing and snow sledding - with ski slopes in the area. We also have the legendary White Sands National Monument - where you can sled down its steep gypsum sands slopes in warm sunny weather.

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2011 CRESCENT DR., ALAMOGORDO, NM 88310 (Otero County)
Special Features, Advantages, Amenities

Hello! Our spacious Alamogordo, New Mexico Home (Otero County Home) is now available for Sale. Our big Alamogordo Home - 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2,199 sqft Home (+500 sqft more space in fully-enclosed back porch), Energy-Saving Features, Loaded with Many Amenities - is located near NMSU Alamogordo Campus, several large Medical Clinics and City Hospital, fine Grade School (Buena Vista Elementary School), large Gym, The International Space Hall of Fame, and a great IMAX and Planetarium! Our large Alamogordo home will not likely last long on the market! Please contact us right away by Email: wizguru@jjwill.com. And tell your family, friends and associates!
Email SUBJECT Line: Please put, "Home Sale Inquiry" (or "Home Lease Inquiry")
We respond to all serious Emails. If you receive no response within 24 hours, please phone us (no texting) at 505-321-1034

Unless you are a golf fanatic and everyone is in excellent health, our big Alamogordo home is clearly in the best location of all homes, BnBs, and motels in Alamogordo! Our Alamogordo Home also has many important, special and unique features, advantages and amenities - beats all other known 4-bed homes for sale or rent in the Alamogordo area:

          (1) LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: North East Alamogordo location. Walking or short driving distance from large regional hospital, major regional medical clinics, NMSUA (NMSU-A), new Walmart, IMAX Theater, Planetarium, International Space Hall of Fame, gym, hiking trails. Easy driving distance from Holloman AFB, White Sands National Monument (WSNM), White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), El Paso, Texas, and Mexico. Faster access to scenic, historical and recreational Lincoln National Forest, Sacramento Mountains, Cloudcroft, High Rolls, Tularosa, La Luz, Mescalero, Ruidoso, Roswell. Stunning views of awesome Rocky Mountains from front and back yards. Eye-popping Western sunsets from backyard. View Alamogordo's official 4th. of July fireworks from YOUR driveway! Also, since our home is bordered by Indian Wells filled with high-priced commercial properties, altho it is now zoned Residential, clearly the likelihood of having it re-zoned to Commercial is much greater than homes not bordered by commercial property.
          (2) LARGE HOME: Large home (2,199 sqft) on oversized corner lot. Four large bedrooms. Four large areas for family activities, hobbies: Huge greatroom (size of two-car garage) + 500sqft enclosed back porch (windowed, cedar walls, with 6ft "saloon-style" doors (bi-directional doors - no knobs to turn, great for carrying things in and out). Large living room + large den (with real fireplace).
          (3) IMPRESSIVE AMENITIES: Two refrigerators, RO system (Reverse Osmosis system, with kitchen sink faucet and refrigerator hookup), range + range hood, dishwasher (w/ built-in disposal) + disposal + microwave + four large pots/pans/food storage drawers (on steel rollers; 29 total kitchen cabinets and drawers! (most kitchens have only 23). Washer/dryer hookups. Deep washing area sink with hot water, cold water, spray nozzle, and drain.
          (4) NEW FURNACE (Oct. 2017), NEW CURTAINS (Mar. 2018), NEW MODERN KITCHEN FAUCET (Mar. 2018), NEW CERAMIC TOP (Master Bathroom Vanity, Mar. 2018). RECENT 30-YEAR ROOF (July 2016), AIR CONDITIONER (July 2016), WATER SOFTENER.
          (5) NEAR NMSUA & GREAT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Buena Vista Elementary School District. Plus next to Indian Wells School Bus Stop for other Alamogordo Schools. Minimize the hassle of driving your kids to and from school!
          (6) CENTRAL HEATING/COOLING: Gas central heating (programmable digital thermostat) / central air conditioning.
          (7) ENERGY COST SAVINGS: Great energy-saving features: Real fireplace + 10 ceiling fans (at least one ceiling fan for every room in house over 100 sqft) + three 18" roof turbines and doubled eaves vents (soffit vents) to sweep out hot Summer air from your attic + programmable digital thermostat.
          (8) TREMENDOUS STORAGE: If your storage needs are prodigious or you just require a lot of living space, our property is ideal for you - great for both your personal storage and/or business storage, and lots of areas for many activities! A real bargain when compared to Alamogordo area commercial storage lockers of similar storage space you would have to drive to (which typically do not come with climate control, trash services, water sources or bathroom facilities), permanent, spacious, shaded and near-level parking, much privacy, etc.
          (9) SECURITY GATES & WINDOWS: Wrought iron security gates and windows to help protect your family and keep strangers away from your front door. Front gate is a split gate - great for kids and pets to access the front outside safely, without fear of them wandering off, and for more secure delivery of packages. While our neighborhood is pretty safe, we live in an increasingly dangerous world.
          (10) OUTSIDE CLOTHES LINES: Solar-powered green-living (two clothes lines - energy costs are high these days and about 10% of total electric bill is from clothes dryer use + costs of cooling down home from clothes dryer heat; 90+% of Alamogordo days are sunny; sun-dried clothes last longer, fade less, smell fresher, more hygienic and healthful, and less wrinkled.
          (11) TILED FLOORS: Kitchen, dining area and bathrooms.
          (12) HUGE, NEAR LEVEL DOUBLE-CIRCULAR PARKING: Comfortably Fits up to 7 average-size cars and pick ups. Additional street parking if needed. No more backing out of driveway! No more steep driveways! Alamogordo has some homes of about $500,000 that do not come close to our parking!
          (13) HUGE, SUNNY BACKYARD: Great for gardens/pools/spas/parties/barbecues/gazebos/trampolines/horseshoes/tetherball/pickleball/badminton/lawn bowling/swing sets/playground sets. Extended cedar fence all around for privacy.
          (14) OUTSIDE STORAGE/TOOL SHED: Cinder block outside storage shed.
          (15) PECAN TREES: Pecan Trees (near carport).
          (16) LARGE SHADE TREES: Several large shade trees.
          (17) LARGE, VERSATILE BATHROOM CABINETS: Each bathroom has a large 3-door side-view bathroom mirror cabinet (3' long, 2-1/2' tall, with 3 full-length shelves 3-1/2" deep), adjustable side doors easily positioned for clear, undistorted views of either or both sides of your face, neck and upper body - critical panoramic viewing for make-up, etc. Plus shared cabinet between bathrooms: To stock both bathrooms you stock only one cabinet accessible from either bathroom.
          (18) SMOKE DETECTORS, CO DETECTOR: Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector + fire extinguishers. Closest home in area to City fire hydrant (not only greater safety for all of our home occupants, but if you buy our home, many insurance companies provide reduced rates for homes close to fire hydrants).
          (19) NORMAL CITY UTILITIES: TV-ready, and Dish TV / Direct TV-ready (dish antenna mounted on roof, with cabling). Property is within City limits, so electricity, natural gas, water, trash pickup and sewage services are all available to you.
          (20) PAINTING. Some new painting.

Thank YOU very much for your time and attention. If after reading our webpages of interest you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about the property itself or about our website, any sale or lease provision, or anything else that is making you hesitate to buy or lease our property, please email or call us. If your questions, concerns or suggestions is reasonable, we will try our best to accommodate you, answer your questions, clarify statements, or do whatever else we can reasonably do to sell or lease our property to you.

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