Hello! Our large Alamogordo, New Mexico Home (Otero County Home) is now for Sale (or Rent-to-own). Our Alamogordo Home is 2,199 square feet, 4-Bedroom, 1-3/4 Bath. Excellent Location, Energy-Saving Features, Many Amenities - is located near NMSU Alamogordo Campus, several large Medical Clinics and Regional Hospital, fine Grade School (in Buena Vista Elementary School District), large Gym Facility, The International Space Hall of Fame, great Panetarium, Imax, and Walmart! Our large Alamogordo home will not likely last long on the market! We are advertising it globally. Please provide us your best Bid right away! First bid that equals or exceeds our Auction Reserve Price, wins the Property. Do NOT lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

John* and Laurencia Williams
P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192 -
Email: - Cell: 505-321-1034 ("John")
*John J. Williams is both a owner and a prior Real Estate Salesperson, New Mexico

Welcome to our Alamogordo, NM home we are leasing/selling (Alamogordo, New Mexico, Otero County, New Mexico State University Alamogordo Campus (NMSU), Buena Vista Elementary School, Holloman, AFB, Rocky Mountains, International Space Hall of Fame, IMAX Theater, Planetarium, medical clinics, hospital)Alamogordo, New Mexico, Home for Rent-to-Own, Home for Sale, NMSU Alamogordo Campus, Buena Vista Elementary School, White Sands Missile Range,WSMR, NM, Holloman AFB, NM, Holloman Air Force Base, Holloman Test Track, Rocky Mountain living)

Note 1: We welcome all serious and sincere Bidders from everywhere.
Note 2: Our Property is being sold (or rented) based on our policies on our
home-policies.htmwebpage, which fully apply.
Note 3: If your bid equals or exceeds our Auction Reserve Price any time within 30 days of our receipt of your Sale Bid Form, this Sale Bid Form becomes a legally-binding contract requiring YOU to buy our Property, and you will be required to immediately pay us the required 1% of your Bid in Earnest Money.

Note 4: This is a legal document so seriously consider obtaining legal advice (at your expense) before completing it.

Note 5: The bidding process for our home is an open bidding process, please see our
home4sale.htm webpage for details and images.
Note 6: We cannot consider you to be a Bidder for our Property unless you complete this form, including your Bid Amount, and mail form to us.

Please hand us your original signed, dated Form, or Mail to:    Welcome to Alamogordo, New Mexico! (Alamogordo, New Mexico, New Mexico 
  State University Alamogordo Campus, NMSU Alamogordo Campus, NMSU Nursing School, 
  New Mexico Blind School, New Mexico School of The Blind, Air Force town, college 
  town, sunny Southwest, Hispanic Culture, Mexican food, Alamogordo 
  real estate, Alamogordo investment property, Alamogordo vacation home, Buena 
  Vista School District, best school district, Alamogordo General Hospital, Veterans 
  Hospital, Planetarium, International Space Hall of Fame, White Sands Missile Range,WSMR, NM, Holloman AFB, NM, Holloman Air Force Base, Holloman Test Track, Rocky Mountain living, Cancer 
  Clinic, Otero County, Lincoln County, Roswell, Carlsbad Caverns, El Paso,TX, 
  Texas, Old Mexico, High Rolls, Cloudcroft, Mescalero Indians, Apache Indians, 
  Inn of the Mountain Gods casino, Ski Apache Resort, Apache Indian reservation, 
  Ruidoso, Tularosa Basin, Elephant Butte, Las Cruces, Silver City, Truth or Consequences, 
  Carizozo, Oro Grande, Rocky Mountains, Rocky Mountain high, White Sands National 
  Monument, mountain springs, Western sunsets, Western living, Western hospitality, 
  Western family values, Southwestern living, Southwestern hospitality, Southwestern 
  family values)
John & Laurie Williams, P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192
"Thank You Very Much for Your Interest in Our Home" - John Williams


PROSPECTIVE BIDDERS: Thank you for your interest in bidding on our Property located at 2011 Crescent Dr., Alamogordo, NM 88310.

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY IN INK! (use the reverse side of this Rental Application Form if you wish to better explain any entry)

Your Name: ______________________________________________________

Your Phone #: ________________________ ___ Day, ___ Night     Other Phone #: ________________________ ___ Day, ___ Night

Your Drivers License #: ____________________________ . Your Age: ______ .

Your Home Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Your Email Address: _______________________________________.

Your interest in Buying our Property (check all that applies) is/are: ___ To live in it with your family? ___ For commercial purposes (it is zoned for Residential)? ____ To rent the Property out as a landlord? ___ To resell the Property within a year of buying it from us?

Are you interested in Buying our Property for or on the behalf of or behest of someone else? ___ Yes, ___ No. If your answer is, "Yes," provide the names and addresses of all persons, businesses, government agencies and other entities you want to Buy our Property for or on the behalf of or behest of: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Do you have or have had in the last 5 years a valid New Mexico Real Estate License? ___ Yes, ___ No. If "Yes," what is your License #, what exactly is it for (e.g. broker), and is your License active? ________________________________________________________________________________.

What is your Bid Amount for our Property? $_________ (_________________________________dollars). Note: No bid under our Auction Start Bid will be accepted.

Closing a Property usually entails appraisal, inspection, surveying, fix-up (no major repairs are known to be needed) and other costs related to the sale of a Property. See our home4sale.htm webpage for details; see Note-4 and Note-5 of Home Auction Sale Offer.

If we believe that you have likely won this Auction, we will notify you, and you will be required to complete additional disclosure forms for us to seriously consider you as the Auction Winner. Our acceptance of an Auction Winner is contingent upon our evaluation of the information on these additional disclosure forms. If and when we accept you as the Auction Winner, we will notify you just as soon as we can contact you in writing with the good news. We will end all of our sale and rental promotions of our Home only after the Closing of our Home (or the signing of a Rental Agreement), and all required Earnest Money and Closing Costs (or Deposits and First Month's Rent) payments are made and cleared.

Your Signature: __________________________________________________. Date: ____/____/______.

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