Hello! Our fine Alamogordo, New Mexico Home (Otero County Home) is now available for Sale or Rent. Our Popular Alamogordo Home - 4 Bdrm, 2,200 sqft Home, Energy-Saving Features - is located near NMSU (Alamogordo Campus), large Medical Clinics and City Hospital, fine Grade School (Buena Vista Elementary School District), large Gym Facility, The International Space Hall of Fame, and a great Planetarium / IMAX Theater. For questions and inquiries, please Email or Phone us.

Home for Sale or Home for Rent-to-Own

John and Laurencia Williams
P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192 -
Cell #: 505-321-1034 (ask for "John"), Fax: (call Cell # to set up),

for 2011 Crescent Dr., Alamogordo, NM 88310

Credit and Reference Permissions, Reports, Histories, and Intended Uses of Property

(1) John and Laurie Williams are Owners of this Property; neither is a licensed real estate agent.
(2) This HPA does not commit either us or you to sell or buy. If Applicant(s) is/are accepted,
a written Buyer Agreement Form will follow, which does obligate us and you to the Sale of this home, once signed.
(3) We review Applicants based on order we receive HPAs - please provide us your HPA as soon as you can.
(4) We can't seriously consider you until we review your HPA.

Please hand us your original signed, dated HPA, then send by Certified Mail to:    Welcome to Alamogordo, New Mexico! (Alamogordo, New Mexico, New Mexico 
  State University Alamogordo Campus, NMSU Alamogordo Campus, NMSU Nursing School, 
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  Carizozo, Oro Grande, Rocky Mountains, Rocky Mountain high, White Sands National 
  Monument, mountain springs, Western sunsets, Western living, Western hospitality, 
  Western family values, Southwestern living, Southwestern hospitality, Southwestern 
  family values)
John & Laurie Williams, P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192

ALL BUYER APPLICANTS: Thank you for your interest in our home. This HPA asks for types of data we need to evaluate whether we can sell you our home. This is a legal document, so you may want to consult with your attorney. All buyers must be at least 18 years, and must apply as Applicants. We feel a level of responsibility for our Crescent Drive neighbors. Be frank and truthful. Please complete all blanks or put "N/A" if Not Applicable to you (clearly print in ink). If you have any questions, comments or complaints about this form, please email or mail them to us. We will seriously consider all reasonable changes and corrections you might suggest. If you have problems printing this HPA out, please email us your current address, and we will mail you a copy. If we must travel to Alamogordo for your viewing appointment, we may require your HPA first. We reserve the right to make changes in this HPA without prior notice or liability, effective immediately, but we will accept our prior HPA version if received by us prior to our posting of this current version.
     The HPA should print out fine. If you have a problem, email us and we will mail you a copy. APPLICANT FEES: We charge a non-refundable $35 HPA Application Fee. A Credit Report (CR) may not be required If we require your CR, you must provide it to us in a sealed envelope SEALED by your CR issuer (e.g. Credit Agency / Credit Bureau). To verify your info herein and/or your history, character and/or credit to help us decide about selling to you, we may also ask you to provide us additional details. Your CR and/or additional details, if any, you provide us, are also legal documents which we will append to your original HPA and which will then be parts of your HPA.
PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY IN INK (use separate sheet or reverse side of this form if you need to better explain any entry)

=>_________________________________ ________________________ _____________________   ______________
Principal Applicant   Name Social Security # (SSN) Driver's License # / State       Date of Birth
___________________________________ ________________________ __________________________
(1) Your Current Home Street Address City/State/Zip  Date you moved in (mnth/yr)
___________________________________ ________________________ ____________________________________
Phone # (Time: _____ - _____) Phone # (Time: _____ - _____) Email Address, if any
___________________________________ ________________________ ____________________________________
Your Current Landlord/Owner Name Phone # Why you are moving out
___________________________________ ________________________ _________- _________
(2) Your Residence Address Prior to (1) (if after 2012) City/State/Zip Occupancy Dates (mnth/yr)
___________________________________ ________________________ ____________________________________
Your Previous Landlord/Owner Name Phone # Why you moved out
=>_________________________________ ____________________ ____________ ____________________________
Your current Employer's Name Phone # Date Started Position (mnth/yr) Name of Supervisor
___________________________________ ______________________________________________ ____________________________
Address  City/State  Your current Position
___________________________________ ____________________ __________ - __________ ____________________________
Your Last Employer's Name (if after 2012) Phone # Employment Dates (mnth/yr) Name of Supervisor
___________________________________ ____________________ _________________________ ____________________________
Address City/State Last Position Held Why You Left Employer
CITIZENSHIP: Are you a citizen of another country? YES:__ NO:__. If YES, please state your Country, address in that Country, Passport/Visa #, how long in U.S., and permitted length of U.S. stay; and if Diplomatic Clause is required:


LEAD PAINT WARNINGS: I have read and understand
the Lead Paint Warnings (Required by Law for all older homes) At:
(Signed and Dated by All buyers)

Principal Applicant Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ____/____/20____

PERSONAL CONT'D: The Owners reserve the right to determine personal info about you that they believe require special positive or negative considerations. Please note that negative info will not automatically disqualify you as a buyer or renter as we are willing to consider full, truthful and verifiable exculpatory, extenuating, mitigating and rehabilitatory info. To determine a Principal Applicant's eligibility, please answer the following questions (if you marked YES for any of these questions, you may use reverse side and/or attachments (all signed and dated) to provide details and explanations for further consideration and verification by Owners).

"You" below refers to the Principal Applicant:

    (1) Are you active military or an Honorably Discharged United States military Veteran? YES:__ NO:__. If "YES", provide the name of your branch of service and highest rank_ _____________________________. Are you a Disabled Veteran and/or received any medal(s) for bravery? YES:__ NO:__. If "YES", provide us details relevant to your medals for bravery: ___________________________________________________. (Please note that our home is not modified to handle wheelchairs).
    (2) Are you a First Responder? YES:__ NO:__. If "YES", provide us details: ________________________________________________________________.
    (3) Have you been already pre-approved for a loan for our Home? YES:__ NO:__. If "YES", provide the name of your financial source ("bank"), and the percentage of the price of our Home you have been pre-approved for: _______________________________, ______%; and attach a complete legible copy of your bank's real estate pre-approval document(s) or have your bank mail it to us via USPS. If "NO", if you expect a pre-approval document(s) from a bank, provide us the name of your bank, and when you expect to be pre-approved: ________________________________; ___/___/20___.
    (4) List all your sources for your financing for the purchase of our Home, plus your other related costs (eg: appraisal, inspections, closing, etc.), and the dollar figure that each of these financial sources are expected by you to contribute to your financing of this Home: ________________________________________________________________________________________________. (Note: At this time, we do not offer Seller financing).


    (1) Within the last 7 years, have you (A) Broken any real estate agreement? YES:__ NO:__. (B) Filed or threatened to file for bankruptcy (only if your home purchase is Seller financed)? YES:__ NO:__. (C) Been sued or threatened to be sued relevant to real estate that you did not inherit? YES:__ NO:__. (D) Sued or threatened to sue relevant to real estate that you did not inherit? YES:__ NO:__. Provide details to all of these you have answered YES to, if any:
______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________.
    (2) Within the last 7 years, have you ever made any payment that bounced, was counterfeit or was forged, or promised to make a payment but never made the payment on a timely basis? YES:__ NO:__. If YES, provide details: _____________________________________________________________________________________________.
    (3) Have you ever used a name, SSN or other ID different than that listed herein? YES:__ NO:__. If YES, list them all and dates of use: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
    (4) Have you ever had your identity stolen? YES:__ NO:__. If "YES", provide details: ____________________________. Is there still a chance that we might mix you up with the identity thief? YES:__ NO:__. If "YES", what can we do to verify your record? _______________________________________________________________________________________.
    (5) Within the last 10 years, have you used a residential property to manufacture, modify, store, sell, offer or distribute an illegal drug, explosive, illegal weapon or any other illegal substance, material, device, product or service, or conducted any other illegal activity any of which is a felony offense? YES:__ NO:__.
    (6) Within the last 10 years, have you ever been or are you now being committed, convicted of, threatened to do, engaged in, admitted to, arrested and charged for, subject to a warrant or court order for, jailed or imprisoned for, or successfully sued or prosecuted for a felony, act of violence or property damage? YES:__ NO:__. If "YES", are you awaiting arrest, or a trial or appeal conclusion? YES:__ NO:__, or you had no criminal role but was only an innocent witness, victim or wrongly accused? YES:__ NO:__.
    (7) Within the last 10 years, have you ever run a computer, telephone or mail scam or fraud, or hacked into someone's computer, cable, telephone, electricity, gas or water service or used a false identity for a criminal purpose, or been accused of any of these? YES:__ NO:__. If "YES", list them all and their dates: _________________________________________________________.
    (8) Have you ever registered or been required by law to register as a sex offender in any state or country? YES:__ NO:__.
    (9) Have you ever been accused of, charged with, convicted of, arrested for or jailed for a felony crime in which you were later exonerated or paid your debt to society? YES:__ NO:__. If "YES", provide details: ______________________________________________________________.


   (1) How many residential properties, if any, do you now own personally or you own thru a business of which you directly or indirectly own more than 10% of ? ______. If this number is greater than zero, please describe all such properties: ____________________________________________________________________________________.
   (2) How many residential properties, if any, are now owned by any entity you control, or is an officer of, or perform real estate functions for? ______. If this number is greater than zero, please describe all such properties: ____________________________________________________________________________________.
   (3) Do you serve or did you serve in the last 5 years as a landlord, property manager or real estate agent for any residential property? YES:___ NO:___. If your answer is "YES", please describe all of them: _________________________________________________________________________________________________.
   (4) In the last 7 years, have you bought any residential property and then resold it within 2 years for 5% or more greater than the price you paid for it? YES:___ NO:___. If "YES", please describe all of them: _________________________________________________________________________________________________.


WARRANTY OF ALL APPLICANT(S): I/we fully understand and fully agreed that the Owners heavily rely on this data and its truthfulness, accuracy and completeness as attested to by me/us. I/we fully understand and agree that all of the information I/we have provided herein is true, complete and accurate to the best of my/our abilities, and that the breach of this warranty by Applicant(s), at the discretion of the Owners, may result in the immediate termination of any sale agreement entered into with Applicant(s) by the Owners, thereby totally terminating my/our rights of possession or occupancy, and/or nullify and invalidate any buyer reductions and/or discounts offered or provided, if any, without liability to the Owners. Further, I/we fully understand and agree to all of the relevant policies to this Application as stated on on the webpage.

USE OF YOUR PERSONAL & PRIVATE DATA: No personal and private data in this real estate Application or resulting from your authorization given herein will be provided to others except for the purposes permitted or required by this real estate Application, or by the real estate Agreement which may follow. For examples, Owners and Owners' agents may use such data to decide whether or not to lease the Property to Applicant(s), and for all other purposes relative to any future real estate or other agreement between the parties, including the enforcements thereof. Note that while big Real Estate companies have 'global partners' or similar who access their buyers personal data, the Owners of this Property are a private family with no 'Partners' or similar.


DUTY TO UPDATE OWNERS: If accepted, I/we fully agree to update the Owners in writing of any and all changes to any of the statements I/we made herein for the current sales agreement and for all subsequent sales agreements, if any, for this Property within 10 days of any and all such change(s).

CONSENT OF ALL APPLICANT(S): I/We (ie: Principal Applicant/Co-Applicant(s)) hereby fully consent to permit the Owners and their designated agents to obtain my/our credit and references information, occupancy history, employment history, and criminal history, if any (including, but not limited to confirming any and all information on this real estate Application Form) for the purpose of determining whether or not to enter into a sales agreement agreement with me/us. Furthermore, I/we fully agree that if accepted, the Owners shall have a continuing right to review my/our real estate Application Form, real estate Agreement and related documents, as well as my/our occupancy, credit, employment and criminal (if any) background histories. Furthermore, I/we fully understand and agree that neither John J. Williams nor Laurencia Williams, Owners, nor their designated agents, heirs or assigns shall be liable to anyone for any claim, injury or damage consequent upon furnishing the information requested in this real estate Application Form or acting on it. Furthermore, I /we fully understand and agree that nothing stated or possibly implied herein shall constitute an offer of employment, partnership, joint venture or other business relationship between me/us and the Owners except that which normally exists between real estate owners and buyers.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT and QUALIFICATIONS: The Owners do not have a duty to verify, and they neither represent nor claim that they will verify, the accuracy of the answers provided to the foregoing questions concerning prospective residents. Furthermore, the Owners have no duty and expressly disclaim any obligation to perform a criminal, credit or any other background check on Principal Applicant and/or Co-Applicant(s) for sales agreement or continued occupancy purposes. The ability of the Owners to run criminal background checks does not constitute any guarantee, assurance or representation that the Principal Applicant or Co-Applicant(s) have no prior criminal record or background or that the Owners have undertaken any effort to verify the presence or lack of criminal record or background of the Principal Applicant or Co-Applicant(s). If accepted, any inadequacy, omission or error that the Owners may have in verifying any of the information provided in this real estate Application Form or in acting on or enforcing any provision of this real estate Application Form does not waive, diminish or forego any rights of the Owners, including their right to later verify this type of information or to act on or enforce any provision of this real estate Application Form and real estate Agreement Form in the future, without liability to them.

________________________________________ ________________________________________ ___/___/______
Principal Applicant (sign) Principal Applicant (print name) Date

________________________________________ ________________________________________ ___/___/______
Owner #1 (sign) Owner #1 (print name) Date
________________________________________ ________________________________________ ___/___/______
Owner #2 (sign) Owner #2 (print name) Date

Please include with this Form an United States Postal Money Order (available from your Post Office) for the full amount of your Earnest Money, made out to "John & Laurie Williams", which comes to 1% of the price of this Home. No other method of payment is acceptable. This Form with its Earnest Money and attachments do not constitute a promise from the Owners to sell our Home to you. Based on your answers on this Form, the Owners will decide if you qualify for our Home. If the Owners decide that you did not qualify for our home, the Owners will immediately return all of your Earnest Money to you. If the Owners agree that you qualified for our Home, we will send you the Home Purchase Contract ("Contract"). If we receive back from you your properly completed Contract within 30 days from date you received your Contract, and our Home Closes with you as the buyer within 60 days of our receipt of your Contract, we will refund your full Earnest Money amount immediately after Closing. However, if anything else occurs, your Earnest Money will not be refunded, with no liability to the Owners. Upon our receipt and acceptance of your Contract, we will immediately stop and remove all promotions of our Home. If, however, our Home does not Close within the 60 days, upon our discretion, we will renew our promoting of our Home. Please note that our Home will be available to be rented or bought by anyone else up until the moment we receive and accept your returned Contract, with no liability to the Owners.

By signing this Form, Principal Applicant attests that he/she has read, understood and accepted without qualification all pages of this Form, and he/she gives Owners full permission to obtain his/her/their credit report and all other background histories as described herein. Along with this properly signed and dated Form (include all additional attachments you need to include with this Form), Principal Applicant must also provide a clear unredacted photocopy of his/her current driver's license (if Applicant does not have driver's license, clear unredacted copy of other official picture ID will do). Owners confirm that the above is the genuine written permission of the above Applicants. Owners understand it is a violation of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act to obtain a credit report on any person without their written permission or legitimate business purpose, which Owners can document with this signed and dated form. Owners can obtain credit reports on anyone, but only with their written permission or other proof that Owners are in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If Owners turn down the Applicant based on his or her credit, he or she is entitled to know why and get the name of the credit reporting agency.

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