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Hello! We have rented our fine Alamogordo, New Mexico Home (Otero County Home) to various renters/tenants over the years. Most of these renters were excellent renters, and we highly recommend them for whatever future rentals, credit, employment and security clearances they may need. The few bad or ugly renters, we strongly recommend AGAINST them for renting, credit employment and security clearances. As with most rentals which have had at least several families, landlords and owners will tell you that tenants vary greatly from excellent to terrible. There are real advantages for excellent tenants, and disadvantages for very bad tenants. Below are our frank personal opinions on our past tenants.

EXCELLENT TENANTS: To us, an excellent tenant is a tenant who does all of these things: (1) Always pays full rent on time, (2) Always takes very good care of the Property - not intentionally, accidentally or negligently damaging the Property but if they do cause such damage, takes responsibility by always promptly paying for full repairs, (3) Always contacts us on a timely basis when something important does require our attention, but not for trivial matters he/she can and should handle for themselves (e.g. replacing light bulbs, etc.), (4) Never causes us grief with the government or the neighbors, (5) Is always honest, truthful and respectful, (6) Leaves the property as clean and maintained as the first day when they moved in.

BIG ADVANTAGES OF BEING AN EXCELLENT TENANT: (1) We will highly recommend you for your future rentals, credit, jobs and security clearances (can possibly result in more future opportunities and money for you), including on this webpage (unless you object), if you are a very good renter, we will reward you now and for years to come for renting from us (a big plus, because getting good jobs these days is becoming difficult for most people), (2) Future rent increases, if any, will be as minimal as we can make them. (3) Barring unforseen circumstances, we will OK renewal of any future leases, including multi-year leases, and contracts with us, and not force you out at end of lease Term, and you don't have to worry about being evicted, (4) We will co-operate with you much more for deviations from the Rental Agreement you apply for (e.g. relatives living with you, more pets, swimming pool permission, business uses and modifications, etc.), (5) We will inspect you much less, (6) You will get all of your Damage Deposit back when you finally do leave.

WHO ARE OUR BEST TENANTS EVER: MELANIE MEYER, with two children, Rented 2003. Highly responsible teacher with great family. Melanie Meyer was a real joy and privilege for us to rent to. Melanie Meyer is a person and family with our highest recommendations for future rentals, credit, jobs, and security clearances. While most of our other renters were also good to very good, Melanie Meyer was the very best.

UGLY TENANTS: To us, the ugly tenant is the opposite of the excellent tenant, and is a tenant who does any of these things (most ugly tenants do most or all of these things): (1) Often has trouble paying rent, and tries to con us into accepting partial rents, (2) Is reckless and/or negligent of the Property, and when they do cause damages outside of normal wear and tear, refuses to report damages to us on a timely basis or take financial responsibility for the repairs, (3) Never or seldom contacts us when contact is required, not contacting us on a timely basis, or constantly contacting us for trivial matters, (4) Gratuitously causes us grief with the government or the neighbors (mostly due to excessive noise or lights, too many visitors, poor care of the Property, or illegal or improper activities), (5) Uses lies, exaggerations, misrepresentations, fraud, cheating and/or concealment to deceive us and/or obtain an advantage (e.g. to avoid or delay paying rent, having more pets than allowed or pet deposits paid for, having non-approved others living on the Property, not owning up to damages they are responsible for, intentionally violating the Rental Agreement, etc.), and especially people who abuse children to try to put landlords on guilt trips, to take advantage of landlord kindness and sympathy, and/or to shield themselves from lawsuits and prosecutions, (6) Trashes or vandalizes the Property or leaves the Property very dirty and/or not properly maintained, and/or who steals from landlords.

BIG DISADVANTAGES OF BEING AN UGLY TENANT: (1) We will always highly recommend AGAINST the ugly tenant for his/her future rentals, credit, jobs and security clearances (can possibly result in future substantial losses in opportunities and income), including on this webpage, if you are a bad renter, do NOT attempt to rent from us because we will very frankly publicly disclose our opinions about you, (2) Future rent increases for ugly tenants will be steep. (3) If not evicted by us first for just cause, we will force the ugly tenant out at end of lease Term, (4) We will not co-operate with the ugly tenant for requested deviations from the Rental Agreement (e.g. to include more relatives living, more pets, swimming pool permission, business uses and modifications, etc.), (5) We inspect the ugly tenant as often as we can, within the legal limits, (6) The ugly tenant will likely not get any Damage Deposit back when he/she leaves, and we may sue him/her for damages and/or uncleanliness, if any, which are not caused by normal wear and tear and which exceed Damage Deposit (less professional carpet cleaning costs).

HEADS-UP: Ugly tenant-type people are also people who love to change their locations and identities to minimize their bad reputations from following them. This is why landlords should never rent to (and employers should never hire) a person, without first: (1) Asking for all past identities (full names, social security numbers) on their application forms, then researching each identity, (2) Obtaining a sealed credit report and also checking it for past identities, (3) Personally checking out all references and previous landlords and employers, (4) Never renting to (or hiring) anyone who has unexplained OR unverifiable parts of their lives after age 17. Note that while ugly tenant-types often change their locations and identities, some personal attributes are not easily changed or concealed. For examples, what they look like (e.g. age, race, ethnicity, eye and hair color, body size, body shape, scars, tattoos, hair and clothes styles, etc.), how they act (e.g. habits, likes and dislikes, mannerisms, expressions and other behaviors), size and make-up of their families, their place or at least region of origin, their lines of work, and their relatives (e.g. next of kin), friends and references (of course, never discriminate against a person based on the protected categories, such as age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender). Try to link your ugly tenant (or employee) not only by the names they give you, but also by combinations of their personal characteristics.

WHO ARE OUR WORSE TENANTS EVER: TERRENCE COBURN (TERRY COBURN) and his wife, JILL COBURN (both middle-aged, middle-height, light-complected Caucasians in 2012), with their children (2 boys, 3 girls), rented our Alamogordo home 2008 - 2012, evicted by us on April 2012. Last 4 digits of their SSNs are: 8006 and 1085. Terry Coburn was the manager of Alamogordo's Golden Corral restaurant, lost his job there, then managed Alamogordo's Pizza Hut restaurant. I won't go into details here but I can provide you much more information on them if you have a legitimate need to know, just email me to email address below. Our opinion is that Terrence Coburn (Terry Coburn) and Jill Coburn are close to the all-time worse people - much less tenants - we have ever encountered in life! We extremely strongly recommend AGAINST Terrence Coburn (Terry Coburn) and Jill Coburn for all rentals, credit, jobs and security clearances. Because they had young children, we tolerated far too much from Terry Coburn and Jill Coburn before evicting them.

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Melanie A. Meyer - our very best Tenant ever!

Terrence Coburn (Terry Coburn) and Jill Coburn - our very worst Tenants ever!

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